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Benefits of Entering a Pitch Contest

This month I have entered two pitch competitions. Both were amazing experiences. I feel the biggest benefit of entering pitch competition is all the prep that goes into the pitch. When I heard of pitch competitions, I was in the middle of working on my business plan. I'm taking Entrepreneurship classes at NWTC currently. Part of the requirements to enter the pitch contest was that I needed to submit my business plan. There was a moment of panic. I didn't know if I would be able to finish it in time. I sat down and blocked off some time and got it done. It felt so good to have it completed.

In addition to needing a business plan I need to create a PowerPoint presentation. I really enjoy creating PowerPoints. It really helps me form ideas and create an outline for what I want to cover when presenting. I also love that I was able to share visuals during my pitch which I think is a huge benefit for the audience and judges to have a better understanding of what I am talking about.

Practicing my pitch with my husband, Shawn, was also a huge benefit. We got to discuss what our plans are for the future and get a true focus of what are goals are in the upcoming year. As we practiced it together we were taking so many notes. We practiced with a stopwatch and voice recorder. We really had to cut a lot out to keep the presentation at a good pace so that when I presented I would have to talk at million words pre-second. I really enjoyed rehearsing I felt each time we learned a lot from each time.

I feel if I have any advise for someone who is looking to pitch is to practice practice practice. Practice your opening and keep it short. Once you get your opening down figure out how much time you have for the rest of the pitch. I think that is the main thing is having the opening down so that right from the get go when you are presenting you are comfortable.

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