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Still Learning...

Eliza sitting behind vendor table
Eliza Skenandore at the art garage

Today we set up at the Art Garage in Green Bay. It went from 10 AM to 4 PM. The market was split up between two studios. The main gallery was also open. Sadly we didn't do too well, but we did learn a few things and at least made back our table fee. I also got beadwork done while sitting there and Shawn was

able to finish up his coursework.

Kitty Pin
One of the pieces I finished sitting there.

I think the hardest part during the market was they had live music during the event. The band was awesome! However, when a customer talked to me I couldn't hear them it was just way too loud.

Strawberry Pin on Card
Strawberry Pin by Eliza

Some of the things we learned were that we need to work on the displays for our products and know your market. Our next show is on Dec. 3rd (which is also my birthday). We plan on bringing our "A" game! Tonight we were working on making jewelry cards. It was a huge success. I really loved how they turned out.

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