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Starr Merrie getting upgrades

A lot has happened since the Wisconsin Native Business Plan Pitch Contest. We got to cash the check in July and we started additional research on a laser cutter. With the winnings, we were able to purchase an Xtool laser cutter and a workbench for it.

A lot of research went into the workbench. We needed a table that was sturdy and able to be adjusted on the carpet to be level.

We purchased the workbench in mid-July. Afterward, we moved forward in purchasing the Xtool laser cutter and went with the D1 Pro after our research, but we also purchased the Infrared Laser and a bunch of other attachments to make it safe to use in the home.

We're still in the development stage of creating products with the laser cutter, but we're really excited to share what we create with you in the near future. We also purchased some display fixtures which will help us to display our products and provide a better experience for our customers.

We also invested in some items so that we could take better photos of our beadwork and supplies. We have been working on replacing the photos on our website and creating marketing materials. Some of the purchases include lighting and a lens for our camera.

We're eager to experiment with different materials and techniques to see what we can create with the laser cutter. We're also grateful for the fixtures, which will help us to display our products in a more professional way.

We're excited about the future of our business, and we're grateful for the support of the Wisconsin Native Business Plan Pitch Contest. We can't wait to share our new products with you soon! In our next post, I will be writing about all the work we have been doing this summer. It has been a crazy fun summer and so excited for this fall season!

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