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Back-to-Back Pitch Contests

November was such a busy month. It flew by so fast! Starr Merrie competed in two Pitch contests in November. They benefited our business and helped us see our vision for Starr Merrie.

Our first pitch contest was the NWTC Eagle Pitch Competition on November 3rd. We took first place and won a year of office space at the Startup Hub. This was perfect because we need an office for currently, we are working in cour home. We were able to take a tour of the Startup Hub and they showed us the office which was really exciting.

Before the NWTC Eagle Pitch Competition, we submitted our application for a pitch contest that was held for Brown County and we were selected to pitch at the Audible Pitch contest on November 15th. The contest was held at the Greater Green Bay Chamber's Urban Hub in Downtown Green Bay. It is an amazing building. It was a very modern space and I love the flow that going on there. It looked like a very comfortable coworking space.

The best part about this pitch contest is that it was live on youtube so it was nice that I could share the event with my family that lived out of state and out of the area. You can watch my pitch on YouTube. At the Audible Pitch, we took 1st place and won $1000 in prize monies.

After the Audible Pitch, Starr Merrie was invited to pitch at a Regional Pitch Event. This was held on December 1st. I don't think I have been ever so nervous before. The event was held at Titletown Tech. I was having a huge mix of feelings of excitement and nervousness. I can talk about my culture so easily in front of others (and for hours) but when there is a 4-minute time frame and I have to be graded and judged the nervousness all sits in.

I stumbled a bit in the presentation but I took 3rd place and I was so excited! I won $500 for taking 3rd place and I will be able to present at the New North Summit in June! I can't wait to what the future brings and these pitch contests have been such a great growing tool.

We want to thank everyone who put these pitch events together. Including the sponsors and everyone that supported the events. These were great tools to help us grow both with the prizes but also the experience. Yawʌˀkó

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