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Starr Merrie Team

Welcome to Starr Merrie, a Native-owned, family business rooted in the heart of the Oneida Nation Reservation. We specialize in presentations, workshops, and beading classes that celebrate our rich cultural heritage. Whether in-person or online, we're dedicated to sharing the beauty and knowledge of our Oneida traditions with you. Join us in exploring and preserving the essence of our culture. 

Ready to embark on a journey of cultural discovery and celebration? Reach out to Starr Merrie today to schedule your personalized presentation, workshop, or beading class. Whether you're interested in learning more about our Oneida traditions in person or virtually, we're here to tailor an experience that resonates with you. Let's come together to honor and preserve the essence of our heritage. Email us at to start planning your unforgettable experience with Starr Merrie.

Are you a Wisconsin school or non-profit? Contact us about a grant opportunity to fully or partially fund your event! (Grant Applications are due 6 weeks prior to  engagement.)

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